Cook Convenience Foods Skills Programme

Cook Convenience Foods Skills Programme

Course Summary:

The purpose of this skills programme is to develop learners in variety of personal organizational and vocational skills in order to acquire culinary art skills to fulfill functions of being a cook or chef 

Minimum entry requirements:  NQF Level 2 | Gr 10 | 18 years of age

Tuition Overview:

  • Describe layout, services and facilities of the organisation
  • Managing a secure working environment
  • Prepare fruit for hot and cold dishes
  • Prepare and boil, poach or steam foods
  • Managing a safe working environment
  • Prepare and finish reconstituted food
  • Handle and maintain knives
  • Prepare vegetables for hot and cold dishes
  • managing health, hygiene and professional appearance
  • Managing hygiene in food preparation, cooking & storage areas


CATHSSETA CERTIFICATE: Cook Convenience Food Skills
(CATHSSETA ID No: HSP/ CkConF/2/0019) NQF LEVEL 2, 14 Credits 

Osiuma Culinary School: Certificate of Achievement

Workplace Requirements:

  • Suitable for learners who prepare a limited range of mainly convenience foods.
  • Work in a foods environment as an Assistant or Trainee Cook for Convenience Foods.

Target group:

  • This skills programme is aimed at candidates who seek to enter the hospitality job market in the fast food or restaurant environment.
  • Candidates must be able to work in a foods environment as an Assistant or Trainee Cook for Convenience Foods

Structure of the programme:

The Skills Programme in Cook Convenience Food consists of:

  • Classroom based learning
  • On-the-job learning
  • Assessment
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